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We get to serve. That phrase was one of the first things I saw when I walked into the Los Angeles DreamCenter in 2019. In my entire life I don’t think there has been a phrase stick with me like that one. The DreamCenter is a former hospital converted into a homeless shelter, food pantry, housing for single moms, transition housing for people leaving rehab, and more. I was able to spend a week there and it forever changed how I think about serving. Everything the ministry does is based on financial gifts and willing people. When I was there in 2019 it took somewhere around $125,000 a month to do everything they do. Year round they have countless groups and college students that come serve a week or months. The phrase “we get to serve” was painted on the wall in different areas. It was on t-shirts and used in various ways, but that’s not why I remember it. I remember it because it’s was true of the people that served, worked, or volunteered. They served every moment like it was the greatest privilege of their life. It wasn’t a hassle, or inconvenience. It was something they planned, prepared for, and scheduled. Meeting needs for people, in a way that helps grow God’s kingdom, is a priority in the lives of so many people in that ministry. Because of their priorities, 1000s of lives have been transformed over the last 20+ years.

Perhaps, you are wondering what this has to with a student ministry in Albertville. Well, I need you to serve. I need people who see that an investment in student ministry is more than a hotdog or piece of pizza. It’s more than passing out a drink or stacking chairs. It’s actually an investment in eternity. My suspicion is if you are reading this there are a few names coming to your mind. A volunteer, a teacher, a parent that served in the student ministry you were part of growing up. You may have never told anyone but they were the reason you showed up, because they invested in your life. The easiest way to explain it, they cared. We are a growing ministry that will soon be moving into a new space and I am asking that you prayerfully consider being a part of what God is doing and will continue to do.

Here are some ways that you can help.

Sundays at FBSM

Our Sunday mornings start with our small group time at 9:30, but before the students split up into their groups we have a short “hang out” time for about 10-15 mins before the students split into classes. This is just a time for them to talk and eat a bite before beginning small groups. It’s not a full meal, just some thing to start the day. It’s muffins, breakfast casserole, biscuits, donuts, things like that . I would love to have more people involved to make that a little easier on those who have been so generous for so long. We normally prepare for around 30 students. Having 6-8 families that would be willing to serve in this area would make it easier on everyone. It can be homemade, or bought locally. If you would like to just provide a financial gift to provide the breakfast we will take care of everything else.

Another thing we try to emphasize is relationships. Learning about the lives of our students. Talking to them about their week, sports, school, or work. Our group is big and growing and we need relationship builders to spend time during our hang out time having conversations, helping serve food, or just greeting with a smile as they come in. This is a task that does not have a quick reward. It takes time and effort to build those relationships and find ways to better invest in the life of our students, but the time and investment can truly change the course of a student’s life. If you are hesitant to believe that, spend an afternoon with John Penney and see the impact he is making.

MidWeek at FBSM

Our MidWeek service is awesome time of fellowship, food, and time in God’s word. I really want you to be part of it. On a normal week, we open the cafe at 5:15 and serve food from 5:15-6:00. It is during this time that we have the greatest need. Our MidWeek service averages 35-40 students each week. We need help serving food. The church generously provides the food and we either pick it up or prepare it each week. We need help making sure each student gets a chance to eat. That might meaning plating food, or handing out water and encouraging each student you meet.

We currently have a very unique setup. I say that because in a few months we will be moving into our new worship space, but until then we need extra people to hang out and make sure people are where they should be. We have great students, but as leaders we need to make sure we remove every potential stumble we can and having extra people to walk the halls, have conversations or play video games would do that. This would provide a safe, fun environment to grow closer to Jesus. For instance, the last few weeks there has only been two adults other than myself up there. It usually takes two to serve food and that leaves one person to mingle and encourage 35+ students. Being a greeter/encouraging presence can completely change the atmosphere for our MidWeek services.

Student ministry is a unique thing, because in a lot of ways it can feel like what you do is not making an impact or don’t matter. Through the years I have had countless people come serve in student ministry and tell me they didn’t feel needed. That is simply not true, you are needed and valuable, unfortunately you are serving in a world that will likely never tell you. Students don’t unusually draw cute pictures for your fridge, they don’t hug you and tell you they love you. Sometimes they simply nod and keep walking. Then years later they invite you to their wedding, or college graduation and they introduce you as someone that invested in their life in high school or as an adult they come back and tell you that your presence in their life is why they chose to follow Jesus. Come be part of what God is doing at FBSM. God has given us an amazing gift, the gift of getting to serve.

-Bro. Cale

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