309 East Main Street, Albertville, AL 35950
Small Groups • Sunday @ 9:00am
Worship • Sunday @ 10:15am

Small Groups

The following small groups meet Sundays at 9:00am.

CHILDREN Birth – 2 Years • Room 120

CHILDREN 3 Years – 6th Grade
We start each Sunday in three age graded large groups for a welcome activity, worship and media-based Bible story. Then the children transition to one of five age graded small groups for activities and discussion.
Director: Karen Harmon
Leaders: Liz Archer, Dan Bryan, Melissa Eubanks, Annessa Henderson, Malanta Knowles, Steve Knowles, Jean LaPier, Kevin LaPier, Blake Leeth, Neilene Leeth, Bryan Massey, Shelly Massey, Natalie Patterson, Nathan Patterson, Bruce Pritchard, Chris Short, Cindy Sparkman

*All parents/guardians are required to check in their children and receive a pick up receipt at our check in stations.

Anna Hooks & John Penney • CoEd • Room 205
7th-8th grade student Small Group

Jay Mastin & John and Carol Slivka • CoEd • Room 206
9th-12th grade student Small Group

Bill Elkins • CoEd • Room 303
Small Group class for young adults that seeks to foster community

Greg Henderson • CoEd • Room 301
Small Group class for young adults that seeks to foster community

Chris Johnson & Stephen McClendon • CoEd • Room 302
Small Group class for young adults that seeks to foster community

Christy Chaffin • Special Education • Room 109
Adult men and women with special needs

Benny Frazier, Charles Pope, & Danny Young • CoEd • Room 200
Medium size, coed class for middle age adults

Patty Warren • Ladies • Conference Room
Larger class for ladies in the middle stages of life

Jeff Self & David Vinson • Men • Room 113
Small Group class for men from all walks of life, ranging in age from mid-40s to mid-80s

Thomas Carroll & Houston Lee • CoEd • Room 121
Medium size class for men and women, mostly mid forties to early sixties

John Chastain • CoEd • Room 100
Large size class for senior couples and singles

Thomas Rains & Randy Smith • CoEd • Atrium Loft
Large class for couples and singles, primarily from the Baby Boomers generation

Tim Jolley & Terry Tucker • CoEd • Room 105
Medium size, co-ed class for mid to senior adults

Cecelia Irvin & Jo Ann Woods • Ladies • Room 112
Large class for senior ladies that includes Care Groups and fellowship through monthly breakfasts

Voncile McCutcheon & Virginia Smith • Ladies • Room 106
Small Group class for senior ladies

Jimmy Carnes & Betty Hargett • CoEd • Room 104
Traditional Small Group class for median through senior adults