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Small Groups

The following small groups meet Sundays at 9:00am.

3A – Co-Ed
This medium size class of adults in mid-life with grown children leaving home, aging
parents, and more enjoy studying, discussing, and applying God’s Word on Sunday mornings.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Benny Frazier, Danny Young, Charles Pope  

3A – Ladies
This is a large class of married and single professional ladies in mid-life.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leader: Patty Warren  

Multi-Generational Mens
This small group of men, ranging from mid-40’s to mid-80’s, have fun studying God’s Word together on Sunday morning.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: David Vinson, Jeff Self

Connect Group
This class is a large mixture of ages mostly over 40. We have a lot of fun while learning God’s Word. We enjoy getting together for socials and cookouts. Our class is a close family. We love helping others and sharing with the community.
Topic: MasterWorks
Leaders: Houston Lee, Thomas Carroll

4A – Co-Ed
Large class, with a small-class feel. Younger senior couples and singles is characterized by strong Bible teaching accompanied by discussion and life application on Sunday mornings. Watching over, caring for, and praying for one another at all times on a deep and personal level is of utmost importance.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leader: John Chastain

4B – Co-Ed
This large co-ed class of couples, men, and women is primarily composed of boomers, many of whom are young grandparents. Bible lessons on Sunday morning are characterized by lively discussions while during the week close fellowship and caring for one another take place
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Randy Smith, Thomas Rains

5A – Co-Ed
This co-ed class of median and senior adults is prepared for the challenges of the coming week by Sunday morning Bible study that includes lecture and interactive discussion in an informal setting, and the combined wisdom gained from years of life experience of the class.
Topic:Exploer the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Tim Jolley, Terry Tucker

Dorcas & Friendship -Ladies
While enjoying Bible study discussion on Sunday morning, the other six days this large class of senior ladies is like a loving, caring family that stays in constant contact with each other through Care groups, and special fellowships such as a monthly breakfast.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Rachel Sparks, Jo Ann Woods, Cecelia Irvin  

Circle of Friends -Ladies
This close knit group of senior ladies, both married and single, enjoy reflecting on God’s Word on Sunday mornings around the table, and draw strength from one another for their lives and the ministries they are involved in.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Voncile McCutcheon, Virginia Smith

T.J. Carnes/Cahill
Listen outside the door on Sunday morning at this class named for its long-time teacher, and don’t be surprised if you hear laughter as they study the Bible and verbally express their faith through love for their Lord, their families, their country, and their church, and “old time” values they cherish dearly.
Topic:Explore the Bible – Adults
Leaders: Betty Hargett, Jimmy Carnes

Young Adults
This supportive group of young adults, both single and married, with and without children, enjoys fellowship and studying God’s Word on Sunday morning. We expect some great interaction as we discuss some relevant topics from God’s Word. We want this experience to be more than just a class. We want to foster community.
Leaders: Chris Johnson, Greg Henderson, Bill Elkins

Students 7th-9th Grade
Topic: The “Jesus And…” Series
Leaders: John Penney, Anna Hooks

Students 10th-12th Grade
Topic: The “Jesus And…” Series
Leaders: Carol Slivka, John Slivka

Children’s Sunday School
We desire for all children to hear and experience the word of God through a variety of learning activities. Caring leaders involve themselves in the lives of the children as they minister on the child’s level. Everything is done to teach Biblical truths and build a foundation of faith.
Topic:Gospel Project for Kids
Leader: Karen Harmon