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Latest Dominican Republic Team Messages

  • 7/8 = For those concerned about the situation in Haiti, right next door to the DR, please see this message from the Crossover ministry: “I just got a message from my friend in Haiti that told me the prime minister  raised gas prices while the President he was in the US visiting. The Prime Minister has already been removed from office. The president of Haiti returned yesterday with US marines and it should be calming down soon. With all that being said, we are in no danger in the DR and have not been in any danger since the attempted overthrow began.”
  • 7/8 = For those watching the weather and possible hurricane heading into that region next week, please see this message from the Crossover folks yesterday morning: “Mike’s response – bring a rain coat. Our response – we are tracking it daily. The last check showed it will make landfall on the south coast of the DR on Tuesday. It is looking like we will get rainfall and wind but Haiti will get hit worse than we will. We are praying for protection for everyone in its path. At this time, we still are preparing for teams.”
  • 7/6 = DR Team Update: All supplies have been purchased and organized.  You each will be responsible for taking 2 Walmart bags full of stuff (15 lbs) in your checked bag to be left in the DR. If you do not have a checked bag to donate yet, please try the local thrift stores and let me know if you need one. You can pick up your supplies to be packed Sunday after church or Monday morning. Thanks!
  • 7/3 = Hey Dominican Republic team! Update on luggage: Checking a bag will cost $25 (but the church will cover that cost). If you wish to check a second bag, the cost to you will be $40. Also, if you have extra pieces of luggage to donate (that we can leave in the DR), please let me know ASAP. Thank you. Have a great 4th!

Final Dominican Republic Trip Info (July 2018)

  • Click HERE to download our 2018 Dominican Republic Mission Trip Packet!
  • Click HERE to learn how to share your Testimony in the third world (see video below).
  • Click HERE to learn how to prepare your Character Sketch (see video below).
  • Click HERE to download the VBS packet for our time in the DR.
  • If you have yet to pay your final balance (due June 24th), please feel free to make your payment online by clicking HERE (and selecting “Dom. Rep. Mission Trip” from the drop down). Thanks for taking care of this.
  • Please make sure to watch the following three videos in preparation for our trip.
  • As always, if you have question, please text or call Justin at 256-744-3355.

Important Dominican Republic Videos (July 2018)

Important Dominican Republic Update (April 13, 2018)

Just a review of our recent important announcements for our DR mission team:

  • Still needed = our travel agency has requested we visit American Airlines online and sign up for the AAdvantage Loyalty Program. This will reduce the overall cost of our tickets for this trip and future trips. It only takes about 5 minutes to sign up. Please visit https://www.aa.com/loyalty/enrollment/enroll and complete the registration process. Once you do, you will be given an AAdvantage number. Please send that number to Justin (via text or email) by this week.
  • Thanks for getting this done = we cannot wait any longer to get our Crossover Missions Event Release Forms signed and notarized. We have a notary lined up to be at church tomorrow night (directly following our student worship service in the Chapel). Please meet Justin in the Chapel by 7pm to fill this out and get it notarized there. These forms must be sent off by the end of this week. We will have the forms there or you can download it and print it yourself by clicking HERE. Please help us get this done tomorrow night!
  • Last reminder = this Sunday, April 15th, is the deadline to turn in any sold Rib Dinner tickets and money to Justin (for next Saturday’s Rib Dinner Fundraiser). Thanks for your help with this fundraiser.

Thank you all for your help and promptness getting all our final details together. Have a great weekend!

Important Dominican Republic Update (March 30, 2018)

Here is some exciting news and some important updates for our Dominican Republic team and their families:

  • We are excited to announce that everyone has now paid their final deposit for the flights and we are now ready to make final travel arrangements! Thank you for that. Only one deposit remains (June 24th).
  • We are also excited to announce that this weekend’s Easter Lily Fundraiser has helped us to raise another $550+ toward our trip and our other mission trip, which we will divide evenly amongst each missionary. But, we need your help placing the lilies in our atrium and “pruning” them on Saturday, March 31st (we will meet at the church at 4:30pm). Text Justin at 256-744-3355 if you can be there to help for about 30 minutes.
  • The next important announcement is a reminder that we still need your notarized medical release forms. This is now past due. Please get this to Justin by next week at the latest. We have a notary at the church most days (9am-4:30pm). If you need another copy of the form, click HERE to download it.
  • We also still need a picture of your passport (photo page) ASAP. We would like to have everyone’s by next week so we can send them with the release forms to Crossover. If you don’t have a passport yet, you CANNOT wait any longer to order yours!!
  • Lastly, our final two fundraisers for our mission trips (the Rib Dinner Fundraiser & Golf Tournament Fundraiser) are underway. How much you help us with these will determine how much more we raise toward our trip. Please get out there and sell those Rib Dinner tickets (and let Justin know how many you sell by April 15th) as well as those Golf Tourney hole sponsorships. (Download the Hole Sponsorship form from our Parent Page by clicking HERE).
  • Other info related to this trip is seen below. As always, please contact Justin at 256-744-3355 with any questions or concerns. Thank you again!!!

We are excited to offer two mission trip opportunities this summer. Details about our Dominican Republic Mission Trip are listed here. Scroll down the page to view the details of our other option: Student Life Mission Camp.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip (July 10-15, 2018)

  • We will depart FBC at about 12:30am on Tuesday, July 10th (to ATL)
    • For flight details, please click HERE.
    • For other details related to this trip, click HERE to download our Info Sheet.
  • The tentative schedule for the week is as follows:
    • Tuesday = arrive Dom Rep / Sort supplies / Orientation / Human Trafficking walk & talk
    • Wednesday = Garbage Dump Feeding Program / Student Camp & House Painting / Evening Staff Meet & Greet
    • Thursday = House Painting & Student Camp / Movie Night in Trafficking Housing complex
    • Friday = Mountain Visitation / Student Camp / Evening Movie Outreach Villa Paradiso
    • Saturday = Children’s Program Valedor  / Orphanage / Oceanside wrap-up
    • Sunday = Church on the beach / Snorkeling the Caribbean? / Buffet Lunch / Fly home
  • We will be arriving back in ATL about 11:31pm on Sunday, July 15th (and then drive home)
  • Here are a few luggage regulations and packing ideas:
    • Luggage may not weight over 50 lbs (each person will need to make room for 10 lbs of supplies to bring)
    • Shoes for kids (1st-6th grade) required in the DR for school (boys black dress shoes) tennis shoes for girls/boys
    • Wear clothes/shoes/socks/shirts/pants you can LEAVE
  • The financial details of this mission trip are as follows:
    • Thank you for paying your initial deposit on Jan. 28th & your second deposit on Feb. 18th.
    • To make additional payments online, please click HERE (and select “Dom. Rep. Mission Trip” from the drop down).
    • Reminder: Your total airline ticket cost is due no later than Mar. 25th (approx. $604)
    • The remaining trip balance will be due by Jun. 24th (approx. remaining $625)

Student Life Mission Camp (June 12-16, 2018)

  • Details coming soon…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 256-744-3355 (Justin cell) or at 256-744-3427 (Summer cell) anytime. We are praying for exciting things this weekend. Glad to have your students involved!

Sincerely, First Baptist Student Ministry