Worship. Grow. Serve.

Chris Johnson

Mission: Preaching the Word and shepherding the flock
Tenure: Serving FBC as Pastor since April 2011
Family: Wife (Lillie), Children (Will, Elijah, & Moses)
Hobbies: Fly-fishing & Christmas

Justin Worden

Mission: Serving students & families as they serve the Lord
Tenure: Serving at FBC since December 2013
Family: Wife (Summer) & Kids (Emilee, Ethan, & Elijah)
Hobbies: Music, video games, & Netflix

Amanda Robertson

Mission: Help those in need and serve the FBC staff & church family
Tenure: Serving at FBC since June 1995
Family: Husband (Allen), Children (Hannah & Brooke), & 5 grands!
Hobbies: Family, grandkids, & watching Hallmark movies

Sandy Elkins

Mission: Show/Share Jesus’ love to preschoolers and their families
Tenure: Serving as the Promise Place Director since August 2011
Family: Husband (Bill), Children (Will and Avery, Parker, Sean and Audra, Jeannie)
Hobbies: My kids’ activities

Betty Smith

Mission: To provide accurate and transparent accounting of all financial transactions and to assist ministers in meeting their mission goals.
Tenure: Serving at FBC since April 2008
Family: Husband (Bill), Sons (Keith & Ryan), & 8 grands!
Hobbies: Reading, crafts, & quilting

Lucian Howard

Mission: Keep up the facilities to keep up the ministry
Tenure: Serving at FBC since September 2013
Family: Son & Daughter (David & Tracey)
Hobbies: Maintenence