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Important Info About The Tim Tebow Event Tonight (9/20/17):

  • All students are encouraged to meet in our Café (Student Chapel) at the church to join us for free pizza & snacks at 5pm. We will be depart for the AHS stadium TOGETHER by 5:30pm.
  • Only students (and school employees) will be allowed to sit on the field (please bring a towel or blanket to sit on… no chairs allowed on the field).
  • No backpacks are allowed in the stadium and all bags will be checked upon entry.
  • Feel free to bring money for snacks (the concession stand will be open).
  • We (our adult volunteers) will be sure to sit near our students in the stands.
  • Once the event is over, we will meet our group of students again and walk back over to the church together. Please plan to pick your student up from the church parking lot.
  • This event should last until 7:30-7:45pm. We should return to the church by 7:45-8:00pm.
  • If your student responds to the altar call (decision time at the end), please know some of our adults will stay with that group (meeting in the Fine Arts Center) and bring those students back to the church shortly after the rest of our group arrives.
  • As always, please call Justin at 256-744-3355 with any questions or concerns.
  • It’s going to be a great night!!


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IMPORTANT WARNING (Published November 5, 2014)

I was made aware (along with several of the other youth pastors in our area) yesterday that there are new apps out there that we need to be very cautious about! We heard from a parent who discovered this app on their son’s phone which revealed many very pornographic images of several of our Albertville Middle and Albertville High School young ladies. This app, and many like it, are disguised as calculators and can be downloaded in the app store under various names like “iCalculator”, “SpyCalculator”, “SecretCalculator”, etc. When the app is opened it looks like any other calculator app but once the 4-digit secret code is entered into the keypad it reveals a person’s hidden library of pictures and videos not stored normally on the phone/device.