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Downloadable Forms

  • Click HERE to download the notes from Temple Maintenance Night. (September 2019)
  • Click HERE to download our 2019 Summer Camp Parent Packet. (Updated May 2019)
  • Click HERE to download our FBSM Student Health Form. (Updated May 2015)
  • Click HERE to download our 2018 Winter Retreat Parent Packet. (Updated November 2018)
  • Click HERE to download our 2018 Summer Camp Parent Packet. (Updated May 2018)
  • Click HERE to download our 2018 Waiver & Release Form for Summer Camp.

See Your Students’ Pictures (From Recent Events)

Click HERE to check out our Flickr Photo Gallery, which is updated after every major ministry event.

How Can I Help My Student In Their Pursuit of Purity?

Click HERE to download our Parent’s Guide To Purity (created as part of our 2016 Purity Banquet)

How Much Does It Cost Annually To Have My Student Involved?

Click HERE to see the breakdown of our yearly ministry event costs, approximately. (Updated August 2017)

Where Can I Find Sound, Godly Advice As A Parent Of A Teenager?

Click HERE to see lots of great articles from Focus On The Family’s “Parenting” page.

How Do I Confront My Teenager When It Comes To Vaping or Juuling (E-Cigarettes)?

Click HERE to check out Pastor Justin’s recent project for his online class, containing research about teenagers and Juuling and how to handle this epidemic. Feel free to check out our YouTube video about it as well, found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygdjuW9NKZE.

IMPORTANT WARNING (Published November 5, 2014)

I was made aware (along with several of the other youth pastors in our area) yesterday that there are new apps out there that we need to be very cautious about! We heard from a parent who discovered this app on their son’s phone which revealed many very pornographic images of several of our Albertville Middle and Albertville High School young ladies. This app, and many like it, are disguised as calculators and can be downloaded in the app store under various names like “iCalculator”, “SpyCalculator”, “SecretCalculator”, etc. When the app is opened it looks like any other calculator app but once the 4-digit secret code is entered into the keypad it reveals a person’s hidden library of pictures and videos not stored normally on the phone/device.